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03-17-2011, 07:56 PM
My moments aren't ever long and drawn out, just one or two little moves that make me smile.

Like using sensor scramble or whatever it is to make a minefield attack itself or an enemy ship or the time I drifted my Sovereign sideways and managed to pitch it up and down, perfectly coasting sideways between enemy ships while having the presence of mind to slam the "Beam Array: Fire at Will" hotkey.

I do mostly ground PVP, up to like 800 kills on my characrer I made only for PVP and I think my all time best moment in game was using telekinesis to fling a Klingon down a ramp and while she was still mid-flight sniping and vaporizing her and a buddy of mine of skype saying "You're not right man"

Also love lunge attack kills because it's like a knife attack without a knife attack and considering I got a knife on that character's belt I feel like a badass.