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03-18-2011, 12:10 AM
im worried about us science players though, going by the looks of those rankings. the average support science guy wouldnt be getting much of anything because hes not "doing" anything. anything being, getting kills/doing damage. now if all of the science abilities that do damage (im looking at charged burst and tachyon beam) could be counted as well (ideally as the actual damage done to a single facing, not all 4 together) and yeah.... just a little worried, but otherwise looks great

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That is unfortunately true, but until you have found me some easily measured statistics, I think the only thing you can hope for is "PvP Matches Won", perhaps also healing and death rates.

The most simple version could track only:
  • Matches Played
  • Matches Won
  • Win Ratio
  • Kill/Death Ratio

Top Speed might actually not mean all that much, but average speed could be an interesting statistic.