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01-28-2009, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by Craig Zinkievich
I think the opportunity to just go out and explore; to just go out, point your ship at some place, and just go is really, really appealing. Just go and find something new. Not go and fight the Klingons. Not go and do something on the front of battle. But to really go out and explore planets, solar bodies -things that nobody else has ever seen before. That fascinates me.
I find this deeply heartening from the main man in charge of this project. This aspect of the game is what will seperate Star Trek Online from the rest of the MMOs--what will make it special. It will not appeal to everyone, which is why I do not expect STO to overtake World of ********, but those of us who are drawn to it will find something utterly unique and deeply rewarding. The fact that STO's Executive Producer has this at heart is cause for much cheer.