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03-18-2011, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by Quetzaal
Firing arcs are always spherical in nature. (cone shape for cannons and DBBs, sphere with a chunk taken out for beam arrays) That means if they increase the firing arc of cannons in one direction, they increase the firing arc in all directions. Yes the game is designed to be played in plane, but then again, it's set in space. It would help with the arena issue, and for any PvEers it would help with gathering data samples that always end up being directly above or below you. Anyway, 67 degrees isn't all that far off what we have now.
Comes down how to complex and differentiated the cone design is, if its just a one factor cone design agreed. If the design already allows elliptical cones i.e. with a horizontal and a vertical factor (angle). But honestly i don't know how Cryptic set up the firing arcs, so its up to them.

What puzzles me with the discussion is that prior to the 60 flight angle the issue was even worse with a much larger "dead zone" for DC/DHC users above and below. But i don't remember such a heated discussion.