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03-18-2011, 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by Vampir888 View Post
All good ideas but special access to items which you can only achieve via top ranking PvP? We know how part of the community reacted as the Borg-set was announced to be only achievable via STFs
To be blunt - I don't care if there are some people angry about it. I never really intended to do the STFs and am not bothered by the fact I can't get that specific toy. The trick is to make items that are not overpowered , not must-haves, and - maybe most important - mutually exlcusive. So you can't get the OMGWTFPWN PvP set, but you can get the OMGWTFPWN Crafting sets. Even if you had access to them all equally, you can use only one of them.

A fair compromise in my opinion would be making the "exclusive" stuff not exclusive, but considerably easier to get. Like an Emblem Rebate system - 75 % for buying item X. Or an "anomaly booster pack".

Maybe it could be a good idea to flesh out some reward ideas and see how people think about them.

Isn't that what we have accolades for?
Yes, but the accolades are only visible for the respective player, you don't know what other people have gathered. Cryptic considers making the accolade score itself visible as part of the UI, but this would be more fine-grained and give people options to "hunt" in specific areas and actively compete there.