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03-18-2011, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
I don't think deaths should be kept track of. Otherwise people will log out to avoid them.

I also have a problem with a "kill" count, because of the way STO keeps track of kills. The way it works now, if 5 people focus fire & kill a ship, Each of them get a kill on the scoreboard. Unless that was changed, it seems to me that all you have to do to inflate this number is to use a large number of AOE attacks., or constantly switch targets.

I think an easier & more accurate way to run a leaderboard would be to keep track of only a few things, like damage & healing. I further believe that there should be 3 leaderboards, 1 for Tac, Sci, & Engi, classes. It could be further subdivided into PVP & PVE, & space & ground.

The only PVP scores that should count are Queued matches, I know 2 people who have multiple computers & accounts, who do their PVP dailies by logging on both accounts, & doing private matches against themselves.
To avoid using this to skew the leaderboard results, private matches should NOT count.
Anyway, That's my 2 EC's worth

EDIT-I guess accolade points could also be added in there, & possibly crafting points as well.
You bring up very good points to consider for when they decide to implement it. Tracking kills and deaths would be open to some serious problems simply due to the way the game mechanics function.

Nice post!

Edit: Anyone else think this could use a sticky? We can collaborate here to assist in brainstorming for when the devs can get around to implementing this system.