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# 1006 Prometheus Errors
03-18-2011, 09:36 AM
Hey guys,

I've been doing a little digging and I've spotted quite a major problem with the Prometheus (MVAM-capable). She's missing the impulse engines on her Beta and Gamma (2nd and 3rd) hulls. Here are some images that show this.

Image 1: This is a screen capture from the episode of Voyager "Message In A Bottle" (the Prometheus one). I've pointed out the missing engine grills. Note that the glowing white engines at the edges of the saucer must be the saucer impulse engines (as you'll see in Image 3), but for some reason the graphic artists decided to make them blue/white. I think they should remain as they are in-game (red).

Image 2: This image shows profile views of the starship when she is not separated. I've pointed out the three sets of impulse engines as they would appear in this configuration. I would suggest that only the saucer engines are operational when the ship is fully assembled.

Image 3: This image shows the saucer section (Alpha) only. As you can see, the blue/white parts must be the impulse engines, but they were in this strange colour in Voyager for some unknown reason. I've seen some unofficial blueprints that purport these to be warp engines, which is incorrect.

Image 4: Beta (secondary) hull, also with labelled impulse engines. In-game, this section appears to have invisible impulse engines at the base of the nacelle pylons - clearly incorrect, as they should be where they are shown in this image. I've also pointed out where the ship's name and registry are shown on this hull (also missing from game).

Image 5: Gamma (tertiary) hull, also with correct impulse engine location pointed out. Like the Beta hull, in-game there are invisible impulse engines at the nacelle pylon bases, which is incorrect.