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Originally Posted by damiencramer View Post
I have this one quest that is supposed to give DXP, after i did aiding the defari and they asked me to bring some ore to outpost 3. When i got to outpost 3 it gave me ask me if i would like to give the ore to the supply office maela but when i click on it instead of allowing me to transport it over, i just get the option to go back in the dialogue. Any help would be welcomed. If this is not to place to ask this question can you please refer me another post when these types of questions are asked. Thanks for you time.
The Ore to Outpost 3 mission is one of two "side missions" available within the Aiding the Deferi (Daily) mission. And while there is a separate Rescue Deferi Captives (Daily) mission near the Kelvani Belt (within the Breen Patrol) that does reward DXP, OtO3 does not reward DXP.

This thread isn't about non-DXP missions, but I can help you easily enough. In the future, if you can't find an exisitng thread that has a matching topic to your question, try using the Search option up top, and failing that, feel free to open a new thread in the Starfleet Academy forums.

In order to deliver the ore to Outpost 3 you first have to pick it up from within the Kelvani Belt. After finishing the Kelvani Belt mission and speaking to the Mining Admin who gives you OtO3, you need to fly over to the mining astoroid while still on the same map. This is a little unclear in the mission text. Near the main asteroid is a smaller one that has a working/animated mining facility on it. Fly close to that and you'll get an interact button to pick-up the Ore. It will actually put something in your inventory, so you'll need one free cell to pick it up.

If you have that item in your Inventory, then Outpost 3's Maela will let you finish OtO3.

Good luck!