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03-19-2011, 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by Timelord_Victorious
The basics are already there. Just add some cutscenes, maybe voiceovers (not mandatory), alter the look of Gul Madred and Laas to resemble their alter egos from the show a bit more closely and build them up earlier during the missions so they dont just show up last minute without much lines to speak.

Then all you need is some padding to the story with 2 more in-between missions. One of them possibly another shuttle advanture and another non combat mission, set on DS9 preferably. That station needs some life back. As it is now, Drozana is more interesting than our favourite space station. That's just wrong.

It would also be a great opportunity to open up Cardassian/Bajoran space to the Klingons. It would just about be believable to let them in there as long as they behave themselves and make the station atmosphere that much richer. After all it works on Drozana as well. Think of DS9's episode Way of the Warrior as a template. Was brilliantly done.

Anyone in favor?
For the voice overs, cryptic would need to get the original actors to lend their voices to the characters they played. I do like the idea of opening the Cardassian Front areas to KDF. Maybe add a square four block sector area off the edge of Alpha Triangula and Eta Endrani. This would be for Klingon only. Move the Defari link on Eta Endrani sector so that it comes off the Omega Leonis Sector Block.