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03-19-2011, 11:24 PM
Ok, I have had a chance to cool down a little and want to actually make a point about the quest. The biggest complaint is that this quest is designed for uber fleets. I am not, nor will I ever be, a L33t player. I am a casual player, in a fleet with friends from real life who are even more casual than me. I, and I am sure others, are not interested in joining one of the uber fleets. If this quest is designed for ONLY those types of players, it is poorly designed. The two most common ways of completing this quest posted here are: A) to join one of the uber guilds, B) dump any player who isnít playing with perfect gear and spec.

Personally I play a game to have fun, and having to spend every waking minute perfecting my spec. or my gear so I might have a chance to complete a quest is not my idea of fun. If another person does enjoy that, fine, let them use the difficulty slider provided to make the level of difficulty more to their liking.

I have been told by others who have grouped with me that I am a good team player, and I have completed too many large raids in other games to NOT be a team player. I use vent to communicate, I always try and make sure I and my whole team knows what is expected from them. In other words, I am an experienced gamer if not a L33t gamer, but a quest should be designed for PUG groups to be able to complete it, and this one is not. If a company is going to design quests for this section of its players, please have the courtesy to label it so people like me donít waste our time and effort.