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03-20-2011, 04:10 AM
The Cure is a painful mission to do, and as part of the STF series it is aimed at a 'regular team player' audience.

STFs - contrary to popular belief - do not require amazing gear, skill point allocation or even skill. What they do require is a good idea of how to overcome the challenges.

The STF content is primarily aimed at groups who want to 'crack' the puzzle of how to overcome a certain challenge. Once overcome, these challenges become trivial - it is knowing how to do them that makes it work. A brute-force approach is not going to do that, and is primarily going to end in frustration.

The Cure has a couple of nasty issues that will ruin your run. The first is the respawns and the work required to re-attempt the puzzles is terrible. The second is the puzzles themselves are very unclear. There is little or no 'clues' in the context as to how to overcome the challenges, and the challenges themselves require more of a 'metagame' thinking to best than application of any kind of star-trek lore. In fact, the best way to resolve the puzzle relies on the borg being unintelligent mobs with agro conditions rather than a unified collective...

STO does not 'lead' players into the STF content. It dumps them unceremoniously in this 'high end' content in which you have to approach the game and its puzzles in quite a different way. It is my opinion that the STFs require a considerable overhaul (all of them), and I'm happy to note that the senior developers of the game agree. As such, the STFs are in the process of being reworked and remastered, ideally better versions of these will be available - although probably not before Season 4 hits.

In the meantime: if you want to complete these, go hunting for some strategy guides, try and find players who can show you how to overcome these challenges and make sure you are with a team who is capable of following orders. These are entirely PUG-able without needing amazing-cool gear, but not -all- PUGs can finish them. I find I get about a 90% hit rate with these: for every 9 PUG teams that breeze through, I end up on one team that is comprised of moronic monkeys.