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03-20-2011, 05:25 AM
You also need people who can follow the lead of the leader. Spent 4hrs helping newbies and did everything like pming each one so no screw ups. TIme came where I said to the guy on 4 to go to 4 and he ran back in to 1-2 when it was all under control and left me soloing 3 and 4....we failed. If it wasn't one failing it was another and had to give up in the end wasting 4hrs precious hours. I've lead before so I know it's not my leadership and really tried everything to make it work. Some people just can't do stfs for the life of them. If they are so bad that you have to give them robot like instructions and then when things don't happen exactly as planned they can't cope there are just some people you can't lead, no one can.