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03-20-2011, 06:01 AM
1) As mentioned - you do not need "uber l337 gearz" to do this mission. We do it now at VA rank, but ran it at RA, and was able to complete it as well. VA just makes it a touch easier.

The only gear "requirement" (ie, seriously - do not be "That Guy" - carry this stuff on STFs)

60 LARGE hypos (everyone !!)
60 LARGE shield charges (Engies may skip, you have a shield heal anyway, everyone else - have it)
60 LARGE Power Cells (Tac and Engies should be popping these like M&Ms)

Sci - One healer - Physicians Kit - everyone else - Geo kit
Eng - toys toys toys. Carry Fab or Bunker (yes, the dome is useful for a quick push-back)
Tac - Your best friends are the Tac Initiative and Security Teams. Bring lots of friends.

2) Coordination - you DO need a high degree of coordination !! Yes, having an experienced person be the group leader will help, but EVERYONE needs to follow directions. It only takes one knucklehead to go from a nice breezy 2 hour run (or less) to a 4 hour + nightmare. So, while YOU may be a good team player, is EVERYONE on that PUG a team player ?

3) Look in the other threads -- If you come on here AGAIN whining about how hard it is, how you hate it, etc etc etc etc -- sure, you will get some help, but really -- probably not the help you might really want.

So how about a different tactic ?? How about coming on here, stating "I am having problems with <insert area>" . Can one of you fleetie types help? Several have done so, and EVERY ONE OF THEM has gotten an invite to run with an experienced fleet !! EVERY ONE OF THEM !! Most got more than one invite, and if you look, there are TWO FLEETS who are offering open invites !!! 'ell -- I run it routinely with my group, I am considering running with them, just to compare notes !!!

Yes..they are hard. They should be. I do not even favor the "difficulty slider" that is going to be introduced, although I understand the business purpose behind it. (Although, the special gear should be limited to elite setting only -- you should have to *work* for it !)