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03-20-2011, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by Davinnio View Post
Before the recent weekly episodes, I could stop her from cloacking using Tractor Beam and for decloacking Charged Particle Burst, but that does not work anymore for me.
I think I saw that Gravity Well and/or Tykens Rift can stop her from cloacking, but I am not sure about that.
That's exactly what is driving me a wee bit crazy. We have the abilities and since we usually have all three classes when we do KA, we have been trying every power combo we could think of, but they just don't work.

Originally Posted by Ithaqua
I'm *guessing* that her cloaking and running is associated with a mission trigger of some sort and is necessary for mission advancement. - just a speculation.
You do have a few objectives during the fight, but I figured that it would be similar to the gate in Infected where each percentage of damage spawns harder groups until the tactical cube. But with enough dps, you can almost kill the gate the first time it opens and pull the tactical cube at the first drop of the forcefield. I was thinking the same could be said of Donatra, you could catch her and shoot the living daylights out of her and force the objectives to spawn right away in a similar fashion. Its just a waste of time to shoot, wait, shoot, wait, shoot, wait . . . *snore*