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03-20-2011, 11:29 PM
Who are klingons? To understand us I suggest the following:

Watch Star Trek Klingon: it's on you tube.

Learn tlhIngan Hol , (The Klingon language) It's hard but fun.
At least get the Klingon/english dictionary by Mark Okrand ,

Seek us out at Star Trek Conventions, Those of us that dress up as Klingons for such events.
I am a member of the fan club (Klingon Assault Group)

See the Play (if your in the midwest) A Klingon Christmas Carol.

Visit the website Klingonspace. I have picture of myself in costume there as do many other Klingon

As members of KAG we follow the Klingon Honor Code.

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Above all have fun learning about us!!

Qapla Batlh Je ( Success and Honor)