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Originally Posted by Treagersama View Post
When I think of Klingons (Being one of my favorite science fiction races of all time) I tend to think of them as a hybrid of old world Samurai, and Vikings.
I would agree with this perception.

Originally Posted by Treagersama View Post
...But you are right. Klingons do seem to be the MOST recognized sci-fi people. Even my wife (Who has NEVER watched an episode of Startrek) once said to me "Q'pla".

I said "Wha...?"
She said, "That's what Klingons say... right? 'Q'pla'?"
I said "Uhh... yeah, how did you know that?"
She said "Doesn't -everyone- know that?"

Keep her and do not let her go, ever.

My wife (though I love her deeply) has no clue as to anything Star Trek, KDF or the like and merely puts up with my idiosyncracies.

As to why I'm drawn and have been drawn to the Klingons as my favorite ST species...
They are warriors and follow a code of honor that, like bushido, is a good philosphy for a warrior and thier lifestyle.
I enjoy the gregariuos thirst for life that Klingons possess. Nothing is every small or unimportant, everything is for honor and glory and the furthering of the Empire and one's house name.
Quick to offend and be enemies, slow to let go of those friends or enemies that have earned thier respect.
Steadfast in thier leaping into harms way to face the challenge.
Life to the fullest on the battlefield, wine , songs and celebration afterwards.
Tis a good thing to be born a tlhIngan.

My Prime KDF toon though is different. Having been liberated from the Borg, his psyche has never recovered, leaving him somewhat more and less of a Klingon.