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Originally Posted by moonseye View Post
I respect your comments but have to disagree on most of your points.
I rather think you misunderstood my thoughts. I apologize for misleading the Klingon fans by adding my antipathy for Klingons in the previos post.

Klingons are from a warrior culture ... and they are passionate.
Dit I wrote something else? They are neither good nor bad. They are agressive. Beeing agressive makes ANY creature jealous against any potential adversary. So to speak, I see the Klingons as normal predators, as the same we know in the real world, like lions, tigers, wolfes, etc. Their behavior is very complex and even this jelousy is a strong socialisation part. Thatfore I don't see the Klingon behavior as unnatural.

For how many years were the American Indians viewed as savages? ...Truth is that outsiders misjudged them and never really got to know them as a people ... got to know them as a culture.

Klingons are much the same and can be just as misunderstood.
Sorry, but there is almost nothing to compare American natives with Klingons. The American Natives were hunters, not warriors. There is a fine line betwene these definitions. Hunters can rise up and fight for their tribe, while warriors, will not hunt, but stay always under arms with just only one purpose, to defend or attack. The Natives were called during the indian wars as warriors. Despite this, they were at the bottom line still raised up hunters. Hunters can make good warriors by the way.

The Klingons have a total different life codex. They are a little bit of Vikings, a little bit of Samurai, a little bit of Cazacks, etc. But no part of it would let remember of American Natives.

Klingons are also a fictional race whose culture has been embraced by a number of people in the real world .... After all, how many fictional races have inspired their own languages? ,,, There own martial arts styles?

Their own literature?
I see, yo get me totally wrong, and I am really sad about his. I do not see the Klingons as rednecks in space. Neither do I see them as savages. The problem I so often saw by fans of them was, the Klingons were always compared to the humans. Well, they're not!

I don't make this mistake. For me every alien race in Star Trek has different behavior patterns wich defines them somehow. The Klingons have the most complex, because they were fleshed out. Learning all of this definitions the only thing that remain to say is, at the bottom line they don't act like humans, and mostly they don't want to, because it feels unnatural for them behaving so.

Actually this last sentence works for the humans as well. We have the same problems to act properly with our own pets. A dog is a dog, and a cat is a cat, they don't act like humans, still we handle them like humans. You see, this is exaclty what the Klingon fans are doing here. They don't discuss about how would a Klingon be and act, but how would the fans act as a Klingon.

To not beeing get wrong, here my reasons why I don't like the Klingons. If it is not written here, then I see no reason do dislike them for this.
  • Klingons are always agressive.
  • They fire first and ask later.
  • They are extreme, destroying whole colonies or killing the own crew is "normal" for them.
  • They are bullies.
  • They know all best.
  • They force their code of conduct and opinion to anyone.
As having very liberal alignment it is for me absolutely unpleasant to play as a Klingon in any kind.

Despite this, I am glad, that there are a lot of fans, who made this fictonal race so complex. The first thing anybody thinks when Star Trek is been called out, there are the Klingons. Choosing them as the other faction in STO was the right choice for many reasons.

I like fighting the Kingons for this race have the most opposite alignment as mine, espacially while roleplaying. For me it is a major task to know my "enemy" as best as possible. And it is important for me beeing as objective as possible. That is why I am interesting in the Klingons!

Posting all my thoughts here, I thought it would help the Klingon fans to see beyond the fanbase.