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03-21-2011, 08:12 AM
  • Klingons are always agressive.
  • True, genetically they have an over developed (in human comparison) Adrenal like glands that boost their fight or flight repsonse to the point of being only fight.
    Its not just a physical change as according to some lore the "glands" also boost a Klingons thinking in times of stress as well.
  • They fire first and ask later.
  • Is there any other way?

  • They are extreme, destroying whole colonies or killing the own crew is "normal" for them.
  • They most certainly are extreme in attitude, but they don't kill indiscrimiately or without purpose. While the other races do not always agree with the purpose in question, such is a racial/social difference of the Klingons and other races.

  • They are bullies.
  • No more so than any Human can be.
    Klingons are boastful, gregarius, loud, very physical and a lot of fun and I've found them no different than a lot of personalities that I have met among the RL armed forces.

  • They know all best.
  • No more or less than the Humans know it all.
    Klingons just seem more outspoken in their assertions of what they believe and know.

  • They force their code of conduct and opinion to anyone.
We merely have a different code than what teh Federation and Star Fleet force upon those whom disagree with them and a different way of making those we encounter see our reason.