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03-21-2011, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
Hi all,

Attempted to start a Foundry project at the weekend, but I had to keep changing my plan as I found more and more limitations in the Foundry. I think I can still make it work, but its kinda depressing that my original vision just cant happen.

Does anyone have any clever work-arounds for...
  • Disabling a ship rather than destroying it (Kill Target)
  • Making a ship warp in or out, or an NPC beam in or out
  • Non-federation style sliding doors
  • Give mission dialog with a custom costume
  • Creating localised sound effects on a ground map (specifically bar noise/music, like in Drozana station)
  • Creating a Ferengi D'kora class ship that you can fight against
  • Having a boss fight in space against a single, named ship

Are any of these things even vaguely possible? Might they be in future?

1. the work around is that you destroy the NPC baddie ships from groups and spawn a NPC ship identical where you want (bit hard considering youll destoy it in different places)
2. no worm around im afraid. npc's from both tabs only have a spawn point and no beam out point. NPC's can be by using the beam out emote when not chatting (and using an emote when using chatting)
3. dont know that one.
4. i always use my boff using an incoming communication then use normal dialogue using custom costume
5. sound effects can be used...but not localy. it has to be wide map (i know in space, not sure on ground though)
6. if ferengi is not in the costume list, you sadly will not be able to either create it or substiute for it (i dont actually know if you can create it, ill have to check)
7.on single player, use a battleship from any faction, reskin it and rename it in "Contact" tab. you can in the "Name" tab above it but it will not show. you also have to know which NPC is spawning before you rename anything. this will become irrelevent if grouped as more ship will appear (as is reflected in NPC group display)

hope that helps (if you can either read or understand my probably terrible writing xD)