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03-21-2011, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Macumba
Humans can act like this but it is not part of their natural behavior.
All you describe is attributed to the human species at one point or another through history, and more often as individuals.

The natural behavior of a human is as simple as the natural behavior of any intelligent species.
Food - Shelter- Procreation

Add in a civilized format and larger than family sized social grouping and you get all the good and the bad as those survival skills are now expressed over a limited set of parameters.

Food- Work for it or die. Die or steal it, DIe or kill for it. The first is socially acceptable, the last two are not within a society.
Shelter and Procreation all fall to similiar guidlines when a society is involved.

As to racial motivations, they all differ.
Our way is not the federation way which is not the Romulan way which is not the Cardassian way which is not the Reman way which is not the Breen way, etc etc.

The only difference lies in interpetting which ways are right and which are wrong. Interpetation is biased due to one's racial outlook. So the feds way is not the KDF way but that doesn't mean the KDf way is not just as valid- merely a different path.