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03-21-2011, 12:29 PM
Macumba did a nice job on the 1st page post, but ....well....I couldn't help the urge to modify it a bit.....

Why are Klingons so aggressive?
- YOU try eating dinner that is trying to run away constantly...see how that affects your disposition !

Are all Klingons living by their code of honor?
- Yes. But any conversations about it can only end in a gunshot. Or a knife in the chest.

Are those the good guys? / Have they good intentions?
- UUmmmmm can you define "good" please ?

What's the problem then with this?
- Klingons don't have a problem. Least wise one that cannot be solved through disruptors, explosives or a bat'leth. Or all three, on a good day.

Why do Klingons and Federation hardly come along?
- It's the ol' "Ridgeheads vs. Pink Skin" thing....been that way for ages. Some Klingon ship probably was playing the space version Klingon tiddly-winks with disruptor cannons, and some Fed ship got all upset....

Why do Klingons got often along with the Federation?
- Sometimes the more explosive toys you have...the better the party. Besides, if you kill ALL of your enemny - THEN what ??!!

Why do the Klingons fight the Federation?
- Simple. They can. And the Federation was handy at the moment. Sheezzz...why make it complicated ?