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03-21-2011, 12:52 PM
You could also imply that Klingons are in a way like "bikers" of today in the US. They are set up in a way compared to feudal Japan, the warlords and the samurai, with the bat'lith being the katana and disruptor the long bow. Unlike the samurai when not in battle the Klingons are rowdy, loud, boastful. Craving strong drink, and lots of it, challenging companionship. Along with "brothers" to challenge and test each others mettle. So when a bar or on the ship the Klingons seem to act like bikers in some ways. With there own set of honor that others are compared to whether they like it or not. But just because you do not understand their ways, does not imply that they are savages or aggressive. It is the way that they view the universe around them. Q'plah!