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03-21-2011, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
Hi all,

Attempted to start a Foundry project at the weekend, but I had to keep changing my plan as I found more and more limitations in the Foundry. I think I can still make it work, but its kinda depressing that my original vision just cant happen.

Does anyone have any clever work-arounds for...
  • Disabling a ship rather than destroying it (Kill Target)
no help here from me, sorry.

  • Making a ship warp in or out, or an NPC beam in or out
You can do this using an npc, though my experience is that they then constantly seem to try and warp in, this might be easier to accomplish using triggers to get a warp in and unhide a npc contact in its place.

  • Non-federation style sliding doors
I want to say there is a Romulan sliding door, but this might be another thing to 'fake' with triggers

  • Give mission dialog with a custom costume
not...sure what you are asking here, a little more context perhaps?

  • Creating localised sound effects on a ground map (specifically bar noise/music, like in Drozana station)
You can modify some of the ambient sounds on a map, though this might only be restricted to non social maps though.

  • Creating a Ferengi D'kora class ship that you can fight against
The 'problem' is in weapons type. I have for example skinned a cardassian ship as a ferengi ship to at least get the phaser color, the problem is that also level caps the mission. And I dont recall ever seeing a ferengi use disruptors...

  • Having a boss fight in space against a single, named ship
This can be dine using npc groups, you wouldnt be able to make them extra special such as increase damage or hps. I have done this on a couple of my missions.