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03-21-2011, 07:02 PM
Decided to post a few other thoughts and ideas about the series. Once again, overall this was one of the best series in the game, and I enjoyed it immensely. The writer's really stepped up to the plate, and hit one to the far wall, but not quite out of the park. :p

I'll break this down into specific episodes:
  • Mine enemy - The Horta pet may have had more player impact if you received it only after seeing the Horta in game. I read several board postings about the Horta, and this choice might have given the community something to discuss for at least 2-3 minutes on the board, and greater immersion in the universe.
  • Mine enemy - The Romulan asking about his brother quest-line was never resolved. It seems like everyone just forgot that he was there asking for help in locating his brother. It also seems like there was no way to get the prisoners out of the mine, they either died fighting, or in the cave-in.... (at least in my play-through).
  • Mine enemy - The diplomatic requirement in the encounter with Commander Janek just seemed wrong to me, especially if you are playing a federation captain. i feel that the encounter would have had more impact if say a player at Consul level selected the diplomatic option, only to have Janek reply by opening fire. For us not to try diplomacy at all with a character who was just shown to be (somewhat) sympathetic to the people of the planet/empire in the cut-scene leading up to the confrontation seems like an oversight. What is she trying to convey here: "I feel that what I am doing is wrong, and disagree with my captain, but will fight to the death to save the man who may kill me or start a war tomorrow - unless I face someone who is an Ambassador, - I'll talk to an Ambassador".
  • Cutting the Cord - isn't there a regulation that states that the captain can not beam down into a hostile or potentially life-threatening situation unaccompanied? the episode was great overall, but i just seem to remember several discussions between Picard and Riker about this topic...

General Thoughts:
  • During episode progression, why not have various officers on star-base 39 & star-base 1 discussing the possibilities of our actions during the series. We could have had a Romulan emissary in Admiral T'nae's Office on Starbase 39, while a Reman refugee was in the lobby asking for help (collector side-quest), various officers discussing their feelings on the Romulan\Reman race as a whole (think about the discussion Kirk and Spock had near the end of the 6th movie). The stadium on Starbase 1 could have been filled with personnel calling for a vote on the topic or discussing pros/cons of federation involvement (others could point out that Romulan involvement turned the tide of the Dominion War.
  • Reman officer - the federation has no peace treaty with the Romulans or Remans, so how do we explain the presence of an enlisted Reman (or Breen for that matter), officer to Starfleet command?
  • also on the Reman officer, what if this was given at the end of the episode chain when you return to the vault, and been a personal request from Obisek? Just having him appear on the bridge seems a little....strange to me, (but then again, so did the Breen officer).