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01-29-2009, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Duras View Post
The scales a bit naff. The circular protective barrier looks like to high.
Why purple, wierd plasma colouring and the conduits look to transparent. Its bulky and lacks style and its not pleasing to the eye.
I cannot see how you could possibly change the crystals as there is only feeds from the main chamber. The support from the floor gives housing, but look at the cieling. Wheres the capping or recieving framework. I dont think much of it.

Sorry but in my IMO, its cheap. It looks like a warp core, may act as one ingame. But I would'nt want something on my ship that looks worse than the cores released in older games, that I think they look better.
They're still using dilitium Duras, it's the gas that has changed in the combustion tubes. (See my previous post regarding flametests). They've just changed the formula from Arsenic to Potassium chloride.