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03-22-2011, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by Henners191 View Post
The Cure is like trying to thread a needle blindfolded and calling at a 'challege'. Whoever designed this is lazy and I'm annoyed I'm paying his salary with my sub. There is no story, I have no idea wtf we are there for, we have to do the same actions 3-4 times for no reason other than filler. i want to know who genuniely has fun playing this mission (be honest).

Its a waste of time.
frustration, frustration, frustration. Guys, this is a TEAM game! If team cannot coordinate don't complain the mission is too hard! because it really isn't. If you keep dying, respec your character! If you lack firepower, same! Indeed, when I get a pug team, most of times there is a moron that just does his own thing. Kick that sucker out from team and get a new person! Do your homework! Get the right weapons! Don't go there and aggro all of them if you lack the firepower! Use snipers with knock back. or targeted high density beam or cylindrical cone hd beam. use power cells if you lack other abilities. Power cells give you 25% more damage for energy weapons. With a good team in 1.5 hrs this is done! So stop complaining it is too hard. This is a team play test, not a gift from cryptic for all the whiners that pay subscriptions. You can go research and get the aegis if you don't like the challenge of stf! And aegis is a pretty good setup.