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03-22-2011, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by gornman47
How about the Sovereign where it belongs as a VA ship.
I would rather see the Soverign tweeked such that it is a more popular choice long before a VA Consitution. That ship in all its incarnations should have been mothballed years ago(from the 2409-2410 perspective). The only one that should still have an active commision should be the original "Old Ironsides" with a place of honor in Earth Spacedock and only take out for a cruise around the moon and back similar to how the U.S.S. Consitution is the only wooden sailing ship to still have an active commison in the 21st century's US Navy.

Going with that line, there could be two missions that idea. The first could be a "training" mission where the player in his/her frigate "escorts" the Consitution from ESD around the moon and back. The date of this mission would be set in early 2409. The second would be a similar mission, but the Romulans/Klingons/ Cardassians or some other group tries to destroy the ship in the hopes of damaging morale. This second one would be scaled up to VA, with "Old Ironsides" holding stats slightly better than a Commander in a tier 2 Consitution. The difficulty would be that the NPCs (or even Klingon PCs!) can actually destroy it, causing the mission to fail. The time frame of this mission would be late 2410-2411.