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03-22-2011, 06:41 AM
What i do want is this keep them friendly until I do something.
The Borg will ignore you until they see you as an thread. That means interacting with something that is forbidden or shoot a drone then they will attack you .
But for now the UGC has limited options for this kind off stuff .
When I let my UGC interact with let's take a warp core there is no sound .
When I want an UGC to walk from place to place like standing guard they also do not what I want .

Maybe its just me I do not understand some tings to let UGC work as I had in mind on that moment.
Like the Borg extractor is it just decor or can you let it do something .
I did watch most tutorials but I have to say unlike other game builders it's very limited to the user .

And the thing most irritating is the view only from the top you can not see o this is an console or a chair or a table. And I build a bridge from scratch and try to let people do something on the bridge but they don't move or work or anything .

Maybe someone can tell how to do all this or is that function not ready yet ? Just asking .