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The Starfleet 22nd Attack Fleet was created by Federation Council by the recommendation of Starfleet Commandís Commander-in-Chief. Starfleet needed a Fleet was quick and able to function without the need of continuous support from Starfleet Command. Admiral Jorel Quinn assigned two promising officer to lead this newly created Fleet. These two officers are then Captain Stacy and George.

The 22nd Attack Fleet needs not just good officers but the best officers. Currently we are 210 members strong and growing everyday.We have a fleet website, a running ventrilo server and teamspeak servers to easy communcation during PVP, PVE, STF missions and are currently have in and Alliance with multiple Fleet and growing.

If you are interested please either visit the fleet website or contact me @Life22, @Graham6410.

Fleet Admiral Mathurin
Commander-in-Chief Starfleet 22nd Attack Fleet