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01-29-2009, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by Duras View Post
Yes, I read your post and found it informative. I do understand why its purple, but why purple.!
I hope that other factions use a different matrix construction. What would produce a rich, deep red, thefreshjedi.
Yeah, sorry, I re-read and realized I misread your initial post, I thought you were asking why they changed the type of crystals, but you're right, I re-checked the picture and I'm wondering now, where the heck is the dilithium crystal chamber? It's usually right in the center of the pylon, where the matter and antimatter streams connect to create the reaction? Strange. Unless this is a transwarp coil system, which means the dillithium is spaced along the length of the tubes and the reaction chamber is elsewhere maybe?

I dont know. Not enough information. Sorry.