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03-22-2011, 09:14 AM
[quote=Skyscraperbeacon]Would it be possible to have a "Constitution"-class Cruiser as a VA? I'm surprised after all this time that noone has mentioned including this iconic ship from Star Trek as a cruiser available at the higher levels.

As far as I know, its only available to Lieutenant Commanders (?) but not for later ranks. This is a real bummer, since Kirk was commanding one as a Captain/Admiral.

Not only this, but when fans think of Star Trek, the "Constitution"-class is always thought of, as well as the crew that flew her.[/QUOTE

If you as an Vice Admiral wish to fly the constitution then you may do so. upgrade it with weapons and consols from the future but the ship is not a VA ship. kirk took command of the ship as being the highest ranking officer in a millitary attribute and aspect as per starfleet regulations. Also the time frame was so that the constitution was the top of the line ship back then. You do not see any reference of an Vice Admiral flying a constitution in star trek of this era. In fact a Vice Admiral or Rear admiral would understand their asset of which ship to fly and how to best utilize that ships abilities. Meaning an admiral would fly an excelsior that is refited like the lakota or they would fly a command and control ship.