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03-22-2011, 10:55 AM
We finished infected in 43 min and cure in 54 min last night back to back. I really fail to see whats so hard about this mission. If people are having trouble with these missions then it comes down to how your dresseed, speced or who your running with. With 50,000 fleets out there with only 2 or 3 active players I can see why you have to pug, but you put yourself in that position. Try consolidating fleets to get a firmer player base. Who knows, you might meet people and make a few friends. Get a fleet with vent or ts so you can talk and coordinate strategy. Refuse to run in just any group. Up your standards so you run with just competent people that can comunicate effectively. The more you run these stf's the more you will see there are numerous ways to complete them. With a competent fleet at your side they go down quite easily.

As a side note, its not party composition that counts here, its competence and team work. We have done it with 5 tacs, 5 engs and have speculated on how 5 sci's should never die. Its about doing your job well and trusting the other 4 or less in your team to do the same. You just dont develop that kind of trust in a pug.