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03-22-2011, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by JimGamma View Post
Actually, the comments at the start of the episode (regarding the senior staff being scattered over the planet) suggest that you did try to beam down accompanied, but this failed.

Also - re the OP, the problem with decisions having an effect between missions is, what if you replay the mission, and make the other choice? Do you go with the most recent decision, or the original decision, when playing the next episode?
Not between missions, (per say), but at the end of them. I understand what you're getting at, but my viewpoint is "if a man just tried to arrest me for fighting for an ideal I believe in, why would i contact him directly a week later with nothing new to offer as proof". Proof of who's "right" or "wrong" isn't presented until near the end of the next episode, "coliseum". as for which choice to go with (for permanent records), Why not just go with the first choice made.

However, the point on long-reaching choices is something that i feel deserves a topic of it's own, and I'm working on a well thought-out and researched posting. After a little more research, I hope to post my thoughts on that....hope you will give that post a read, (when it's done).