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03-22-2011, 04:13 PM
I know you are a large fleet with a great reputation. However I have a complaint with one of your members.
Keyes@Captain.James.Kirk is running a scam cheating other players out of credits. He is offering an efficient saurian for sale. Once in the trade window you can't see the bo's stats. He inserts a worthless uncommon officer in place and blames it on a "glitch". He then says the fleet gave it to him to sell and will very unhappy if he doesn't have the credits.

I have posted my complaints on the forums and to the gms. Unfortunately my warnings came late, as 2 more people have contacted me with the exact same situation, even down the the smallest details of his lies.

My mistake and loss of credits which I'm sure I will never see again. Hate to see this thief give your fleet a bad name. Other 2 people ripped off will also be posting tickets, gm complaints, and forums.

In the Service of the Federation,

Resistance Alpha