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Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
They certainly did better overall than that show that couldn't even afford proper sets for half their episodes. Purple skies on every other planet!
When you see shows as a product of their era you'll notice a few details:

Back then purple skies were outlandish and therefore an adequate representation of an "alien planet".
They did not have many of the materials and equipment we have today, at least not a reasonable prices
(In Star Trek 1 the small console screens on the Enterprise's bridge were not screens, they were projection fields with projectors hidden behind the sets, there were no small enough screens with the required framerate available, and that was 10 years later!) and there is also practically an entire industry that produces futuristic sets that can be employed.
Those were not around back then.
And even with such limitations, in the 60's they managed to produce an engineering set that was more credible than the one we have seen in the new movie.
Because despite all those advances in set building they failed miserably.