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03-23-2011, 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by fadamsxii View Post
I run, erm "Adminster" the 131st Assault Auxiliary.

We're supposedly PvP and RP, but the only people really active are myself and one other person. We do RP mostly, well RP and PvE stuff (RP's really really hard with just two players, this ain't Shadowrun), I dont feel like dealing with the PvPers myself really but its in the fleet's charter if you so choose.

And Im looking for reinforcements, Ive done RP in the past (Shadowrun 3rd and 4th edition, I still call myself a decker even).

As far as my fleet regulations go, as long as you play regularly and PARTICIPATE (which is what I think you're looking for) we're good, I like reports when you deposit or withdraw from the bank but Im not picky about that either.

I consider myself an intelligence officer also, and I could really use another since Im in the admiral's chair now. Ive been in the Armed Forces IRL, US Army Intelligence and Security Command, I dont act like officers Ive had in the past, I listen to my subordinates.

I can throw you Captain (Im the only admiral in the fleet at the moment) no problem.

But hey, we're a small fleet and I dunno if a 3 person fleet is what you're after.

Null sweat. G'luck in your struggles.
I will consider your offer, but I won't jump the ball just yet as I want to make a good choice.

As for daedalus they conflict with me no go point: *Play Lt Jan Doedel the security chief (In this game we are captains, I like to play with that)

I admire what they do without doubt but that sort of RP I get from my pen and paper sims, I am looking for something else here.