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03-23-2011, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by Skyscraperbeacon
Would it be possible to have a "Constitution"-class Cruiser as a VA? I'm surprised after all this time that noone has mentioned including this iconic ship from Star Trek as a cruiser available at the higher levels.

As far as I know, its only available to Lieutenant Commanders (?) but not for later ranks. This is a real bummer, since Kirk was commanding one as a Captain/Admiral.

Not only this, but when fans think of Star Trek, the "Constitution"-class is always thought of, as well as the crew that flew her.
No.. The only time I think of the Constitution, is when Im trying to recall pathetically bad TV series from the 1960s.

When I think "Star Trek", I think Sovereign, Picard, Defiant, Intrepid, Negh'var, Vor'cha, Quantum Torpedos, Borg Cubes, Galor class cruisers etc..