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03-23-2011, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by inktomi19d View Post
That was about when I stopped playing. I left largely because of PvP spam, and had been hoping Cryptic would have fixed their game by now.

Carriers could be a nuisance, but it's not so bad having to use specific abilities to counter carrier-spam. the problem is really more that *every* ship contributes to spam.

I kind of think that Cryptic needs to start reverting things. Leave the carriers, an photonic fleet, then look at every pet added since then and ask "is this absolutely necessary for game balance?" If the answer is "no", then the pet should be removed, or replaced with a different ability that doesn't spawn pets.
None of the pets that have been added contribute anything, except perhaps the Tal'Kyr from the D'Kyr.
  • The Scoprion Fighters are just annoying (especially when they get a torp through your downed shield)
  • Cloaked Tractor Mines are a complete slap in the face to the PvP community
  • Varanus Support Drones heal for almost nothing
  • Marauder Interceptors just cloud your screen
  • The Breen Transphasic torp isn't too much of a concern since it often gets shot down, but when it doesn't...