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03-23-2011, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
The STFs (Infected, Cure, and Khitomer Accord) will give you the borg engines (which allow warp 14 in sector space), deflector, and shields as rewards. These are the gear that gives the ships the borg "look", and they are part of a set with bonuses if you equip more than 1 piece of the set (like the Aegis craftable set). These are 5-man missions, and you can find plenty of threads here on the forums with info on them.

One piece of the set is obtained from a "regular" borg mission which can be solo'd, called "Assimilation" I think. It's a universal console, and I highly recommend getting it the first chance you get.

The rest of the solo borg and undine missions give you standard rewards like other missions you have had.
So the "Aegis set" that I've read about is a craftable set.

Do most players take up crafting, Honestly I haven't played much with it.