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New Klingon foundry missions
I just finished publishing part 3 of my Klingon story arc. I want to test the maps and transitions and where the story is going. I want to make sure there are no gaps I am missing in the maps I'm messing with.

Part 3 title : Caught in the noose
Project ID: ST-TE3W975ZO

And don't forget please test and add feed back to parts 1 and 2

Part 1 title: Stirring up the hornets nest
Project ID: ST-TMETO23TK

Part 2 title: Taking the bait

.Also Parts 4 and 5 will probably not be worked on till foundry goes live and I redo them on Holodeck(which I will do)

Reminder these are currently Klingon only

pulling mission 3, found a bug might fix it before live, might wait for foundry to go live