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Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Also, there is a new addition to the Off Duty section.

Ferengi 1 (Mine Enemy)


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The Details & Accessories are here.
From Visors to Headdresses to Tattoos. Get them right the first time. Make them canon.

Visor 1 (Multispectral Visor)
Visor 3 (Communications Headset)
Visor 4 (TR-116A Transphasic Targeting Optic)
Earpiece (TOS Communications Earpiece)
Benzite Respirator
Ferengi Tattoo
Ferengi Headdress - Simple (Federation Uniform Standards)

If you have any requests let me know.
More to come soon!


Those are gonna come in handy. Thanks! If the devs create a sash for the Starfleet Klingons, any chance of seeing a guide for it if its customisable?

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Thanks again, Alan.

As a matter of fact, I did read those and I do remember something like that. Now I'm going to have to dig through my comic boxes again to find them since I can't seem to find any images of the instructors or administrators on the web.

You're welcome any time.

I think I can help you there with some images, mate. I came across these two earlier:

Which are a part of this site:

I know they're not the greatest images in the world, but hopefully they'll give you a rough idea of how they look until you come up with something better to work with.

On that website, there's images of other non-canon uniforms from the Starfleet Academy comic book and the game Elite Force II but I haven't posted them as I'm sure you've got enough on your plate to work with and, in my humble opinion there aren't really the resources on STO to pull them off...but then again you are you. If anyone could put them together I'm sure you could.