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Greetings fellow Foundry addicts!!

The latest episode of PodcastUGC is available here for you to download for your weekly Foundry fix.

This weeks dev interview was with "Thomas the Cryptic Cat"

Episode 6 Show Notes:-

Foundry News
Redshirt is Closed!

UGC Mission Reviews
Fed – “Can’t Keep a New Suit Clean” by Filbones
Fed – “Maquis Arisen” by SBCouto
Klink – “General Rebellion” by Capt.PFDennis

Not much going on?
Nerd Rage of the Week – Gozer won’t make any more missions?

Oh finaly some where I can post feedback for my review. My 3 part series on Tribble was and is always going to be a full mission on Holodeck. "The Chimes At Midnight." And yes I have figured out a way to have a bearded man option as well as an Orion slave. As for my mission being Goofy, That's how I get you hooked. After all were here to have fun. I lure you into a false sense of security, then I Throw you in with the dogs and by the time your finished You've had an experience you'll never forget. Not that I'm an amazing foundry author, just a competent one.