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03-24-2011, 05:30 AM
Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

Ooiue - Good idea for the give-mission dialog; I'll just use a boff.

I tried making an NPC contact appear when you destroy the NPC group, but the transition is a bit jarring since you cant suppress the explosion OR know where it will be when it gets destroyed.

Castmodean - I'm not worried about the weapon type (I do actually want it to be wrong, for the story) but I'm keen to know how you were able to skin a Cardie ship to look like a Ferengi ship.

Leviathan99 - Great idea for the sliding door. I might give it a try.

Kirkfat - Yes I saw (great videos by the way. Extrmelely useful!), but Im having issues with the technique. I have a Vorcah- Active and an NPC Vorcha ship at the exact same coordinates, but when the map transitions between the two they dont line up.