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03-24-2011, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
As we learned from Marks of Honor and Emblems, adding incentives would only cause the wrong kinds to participate in matches.
Rewarding those to play PvP matches is just the "carrot on the stick". There will always be people who come in and choose to do least the increased incentive would give credence to actually be part of the match. Some don't like to fight certain players or fleets due to tactics or "gimmicks" they either bail or sit it out and get 3-prong reward.
By having the matches reward more without a "daily" encourages more play since you get "moar" for doing a PvP match than needing to do PvE missions to get "moar" rewards. So, those that like to do PvP will do it more since there is "moar" reward for doing so and doesn't ahve to split time to "gather" for themselves or their fleet.

IMHO the best way to get people to participate in PvP is to make it fun, not stressful. For instance Open PvP with Territorial PvP. And perhaps adjusting PvP so its less curbstompish.
Kerrat is a prime example of open PvP, despite number imbalances. Yet, PvE'ers hate the PvP that comes with it and sometimes vice-versa. Until a more defined sense of open PvP with control functions is introduced i cannot say anything more about it.
stressful and fun....well i know we **** off lots of Pug teams to where half the team leaves when they see it is us.I don't think fun goes both ways and can see why frustration brews from the pug stand-point.