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03-24-2011, 03:49 PM
I think we are all concerned about getting more people into PVP but I'm not entirely sure that more rewards (or exclusive rewards) are going to have the desired effect. Right now emblems alone draw enough of the wrong type of players. We need more bodies but we need them to be more than just bodies, if that makes sense.

I've never been supportive of a winner take all reward system and I'm not entirely sure that PVP exclusive rewards are such a good idea either. A revamp that increases the pay out for accomplishing things (like winning but not just for wins) would hopefully be more helpful. A bigger difference in the range of Energy Credit, Skill Point, and Honor/Merit payout would be great. I do like the idea of people having a random shot at earning some anomalies (different numbers and rarity). There is another thread around here somewhere that offers up a broader range of accolades that would be really cool to have implemented too.

In the end, I'm up for trying just about anything to get more people involved but I do mean that they must be involved. They need to want to play. This can't just be another incentive to AFK.