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03-25-2011, 03:42 AM
The general challenge in PvP is compared to PvE is - the enemies are human players that have just as many powers as you do. And many of them know exactly what they do, and how to use them most effectively. NPCs have less powers, barely use them, and have no concept of timing them.

TO increase your own survivability, you need to harden your ship with powers like Emergency Power to Shields or Transfer Shield Strength, distribute shield power (even with the standard innate ability everyone has or using Tactical Team). You need to keep moving when under fire, and you need to slow down and keep your enemy in your firing arcs when you want to get a kill. You probably should have some shield and or hull healing abilities, either from yourself, or from allies.

Your enemy will _also_ harden his shields and distribute shield power. He might also get additional support from his team mates. Get your team mates to support each other (not only you, but definitely including you).

Dealing any significant damage under these circumstances requires timing and identifying targets of opportunity - don't just pop all your buffs and shoot at something, expecting it to blow up. Look for someone that has no or few buffs running, or whose buffs are running out, and then strike. If that is not enough, find out who is helping the enemy, and try to isolate your target, or identify when the "helper" is busy with someone else.
Encourage your team to focus fire if it doesn't do it on its own, and learn to identify weak targets (momentarily or for the entire match).

It can get increasingly complicated the better and more experienced the enemy you fight is, and increasingly requires more than just your own cunning to win - you need a good team. Of course, you will not always need this, since there are plenty of people in PvP that are not that good and coordinated. But improving your results in PvP starts with your build, continues with your own play style and tactics, and finally also encompasses the team you fly with.