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03-25-2011, 09:06 AM
Can't say I am very excited about foundries launch. Yay, more single players quest with a multi player option. That you might have to spend lots of time sifting through to try and find a good one. For every good quest thats fun there will probably be ten or more bad ones.

I messed around with foundry a few hours. It seemed really limited, I didn't see way to do many things that would make quest far better. Like adding paths for NPC's to walk or ships to fly. Or objects like comets or debris with movement to make the environment seem alive.

I didn't see a way to add objects like crates for cover, or add destructible objects to harm enemies or your team. Or to destroy objects in space to stop them from doing damage to other objects.

Or a way to have NPC's engaging each other. Like a group of Klingon NPC's moving toward a stationary group of Federation NPC's. When they got in aggro range they would fight.

I also couldn't find a way to have the environment effect you and other objects. Like making the gravity lighter like the Reman quest in Romulan space. Or adding a Tyken's rift effect to objects like damaged ships. Pulling them into another object like a moon.

I had problems trying to add specific ships like a Jem'hadar battle ship it just gave me True Way battle ships and some would be Galors.

Or to dress NPC's in certain outfits to give a place a certain feel like a time frame.

I think foundry could have great potential. I just think it needs many more features.