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03-25-2011, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by red_shirt_ View Post
I was reading another thread and it made me think of something. Why the TOS bundle was not extended to include Klingon items? It could have brought an old K7 battle cruiser (T1/T2 ship), old style uniforms or even old style humanized klingon appearance as seen in TOS. Ship interiors could be inspired from what we saw in the episode "Enterprise Incident". I know it involved romulans, but the interior was the one of a Klingon ship given to the romulans while they were allied.

I know it's a little too late and the bundle is set to release anytime now. But it would be a way to give some treat to both sides. Maybe a Klingon TOS supplemental bundle could be released soon
Very simple because since day one Klingon get less then half the stuff the federation side gets. IT been like that since beta and i doubt it ever change. And soon there launch the romulan who I am sure will have more then klingons as well.