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03-25-2011, 11:30 AM
My fleet has a "fleet shop" that hosts a limited selection of endgame stuff like Aegis sets. Any member can craft this stuff, either with stores drawn from our particles and anomalies bank, or with their own supplies. The gear is sold at a substantial discount below exchange prices, only to fleet members, and all proceeds stay in the fleet bank. This sort of support is pretty much the entire point of having a fleet.

The Aegis stuff in particular is some of the easiest purple gear to come by in game, so I'm not sure that anyone has ever perceived it as a status symbol. If you save all your rare traces while leveling a toon up, it's almost guaranteed you will have enough for at least one Aegis set when you hit RA, likely several. The stuff that is a real pain to farm is a full set of purple weapons for your ship, or gear for your ground crew. That stuff takes a looooong time, since each item needs 3 or more of the same type of trace, and certain traces are dramatically overused in the bills of material.

You could already buy Aegis sets off the exchange fairly cheap, since they're in pretty wide supply. So I'm not sure how getting them through your fleet is any "worse" than that. If you were assuming that they implied some sort of status, then I think you were just seeing something that wasn't there. I don't particularly care how anyone gets any gear in the game, as long as I have reasonable options for getting the same stuff myself.