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03-25-2011, 12:04 PM
for cruisers:

-Fore: 1 DBB, 2 BA, 1 Torpedo
-Aft: 2 BA, 2 turret

-Eng: EPS Flow Reg, RCS Accelerator, Injector Assembly, Inertial Dampener
-Sci: Assimilated Module, Halon System
-Tac: (energy weapon type) x2

BOff abilites
-Eng: EPtA1, Eng Team 2, Aux to SIF 2, Aceton Field 3
-Eng: EPtW1, Aux to Damp 2, DEM 2
-Tac: FAW1, AP:B1
-Sci: HE1, SS1

Deflector: Borg
Shields: Aegis
Engines: Aegis

This is a general guide for cruisers. If you fly an assault cruiser, you can take a target:subsystem or tac team in the extra ens slot. For star cruisers, polarize hull and jam sensors are effective choices. The biofunction monitor is also a good sci console for star crusiers once those torpedoes start hitting.